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  • Foundations Program

    This program builds the 2 things you need to get going: Proper movement patterns & confidence. The foundations program helps you master the movements quickly, and can be done at home. It emphasizes mobility, so if you sit at a desk all day and need some posture work, this will help you take care of it. You will make progress EVERY workout.

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  • Prep Program

    Our Prep Program was named because we originally designed it as a precursor to Dan John's famous "Mass made Simple" program. As people went through it, we realized just how great it worked to help people get accustomed to barbell lifting and it got great body composition results. This is for someone who has experience and confidence with lifting weights.

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    My Big Fat Greek Fanny: The Wednesday & Friday Fast

    My Big Fat Greek Fanny Chapter Five: The Wednesday and Friday Fast   The fastest way (no pun intended) to cause your coworkers, friends, and even family to think you’re a weirdo is to tell them that you are fasting. They all might assume that you’re ultra religious, you’re on the latest fad cleanse or […]

    My Big Fat Greek Fanny: Saying “Oxi” to Food

    My Big Fat Greek Fanny Chapter Four: Saying “Oxi” to Food The word “oxi” (ochi) simply means “no” but it represents something Greeks are most proud of—Greek yogurt, Jennifer Aniston and John Stamos all come in a close second. That’s because oxi is bigger than the word itself. “Oxi,” actually more like “OXI!” was Greece’s […]

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